Week 4: Just Keep Swimming

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Week 4 Gig Status Overview

I started last week with no jobs on deck for any services, and sadly that’s how it ended as well.  I continued to submit proposals using Upwork, but nothing came to fruition. Over the last week, I decided to shift focus to understanding content writing and how to write posts that engage my audience (or the audience of potential clients).  I have learned so much over the past week that it feels like my head might explode, but it’s all great things and time well spent. Even though I didn’t have any new client work, there are a few updates and helpful tips in my updates this week, as well as a new gig!


I hit the ground running with Upwork initially, so this week I took a step back to figure out how to write good proposals for jobs.  Most jobs have a section to submit a cover letter with optional questions that are provided by the job poster. One of the most important things I learned this week is that additional questions appear above the cover letter in the client’s view.  So now, when I am submitting a proposal with questions, I focus on those first and do a lighter cover letter.

There are a lot of really great posts out there from other bloggers who have found success on the Upwork platform.  This blogger has been especially helpful in providing winning templates as an example of proposal writing.

Given this new focus, I decided to begin tracking statistics for proposals to gauge how effective my new tactics are week over week.  As of today, I have won 5 out of 11 proposals, which puts my success rate at 45%. I also have 11 proposals outstanding. Going forward, I’m planning to try and keep the number of proposals to around 15 and focus on quality over quantity.

Time invested this week: 5 hours (reviewing job listings and creating proposals)


I completed two additional skills tests over the last week as planned and have been monitoring my impressions and clicks every few days.  I revamped my QA profile this week in hopes of getting some clicks to turn into jobs. Still nothing but spam coming in from this, though, sadly.

Time invested this week: 1 hour (skills tests and quality assurance profile revamp)


New this week with online book club:

  • I completed reading the third book
  • I submitted the review for the third book
  • Reviews for one and two were finally posted

I initially thought the 61% for my second review was terrible, but my first review ended up posting a 54%. That doesn’t matter too much, though, as both of the reviews were accepted. Here are the published reviews for book one and book two so you can get a gauge on the grading scale.

At this point, I am continuing to read books for onlinebookclub for little more than my satisfaction at being able to read a free book. The earnings do not show on the site as of writing, so I’m uncertain what payment will be, if any, for my first two “real” reviews. According to one of the forums, “Once a review is published, the target is to have the payment sent within three weeks.” I will continue to provide updates on how long this takes vs. the provided timeframe as outlined on the site.

Time invested this week: 4 hours (Reading and posting review for book 3)


Still waiting to love on some puppy dogs.

Time invested this week: none

Survey Junkie*

This is a new one that I came across this week. Survey Junkie brings together a ton of companies that are looking to do market research by having participants complete surveys. It’s an easy, mindless way to earn a few bucks if you’re trying to pass the time or if you’d rather do something that makes you a dollar instead of scrolling through social media. Sadly, these were my only earnings this week.

Time invested this week: 30 mins

The plan for week 5

  • Create two cornerstone blog posts to use in proposals for content writing jobs
  • Submit a few directed, quality proposals on Upwork
  • Continue to monitor metrics for Fiverr (views/clicks) and Upwork (jobs won/jobs bid)
  • Spend 20 minutes a day doing surveys for easy, quick money
  • Read book 4 for onlinebookclub and write review

The financial picture – April 20, 2020

It’s measly. It’s sad. That’s life.

Current week income: $2.31 (doing a few quick surveys on survey junkie)

Current week expenses: $0

Net Operating Costs: -$147.69

Things I learned this week:

Freelance content writing is extremely competitive: In trying to bid jobs for content writing on Upwork, I realized that it’s both extremely competitive and that you need to build out a profile to be able to provide to potential clients. I am working on doing that this week by creating some cornerstone blog content. I am hopeful by focusing my efforts on making some excellent blog posts, and they will, in turn, help me to get freelance writing work.

Don’t get your hopes up too soon: I don’t know if I’ll ever truly adjust to the cyclical nature of freelancing. There is something to be said for earning a steady paycheck, but I’m grateful for this opportunity, money, or no money.

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  1. Can’t even tell you how many weeks I’ve gone with no jobs, bidding my face off. You got this, keep pushing and the jobs will come. It’s so important that you are giving people a real life view into what working for yourself is actually like!

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