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Here’s How Much Money I Saved Using in 2020

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If you’ve read my review, you know there are perks to joining the club, like free books! And I have certainly enjoyed the free books (and getting paid for them). But what I’ve been really curious about finding out is how much money I saved with when I factor in the cost of the books I read.

Money Saved with

In 2020, I read and wrote reviews for 25 books, which I’ve listed below, along with my official review, Amazon cost, and the amount I received for reading each. The prices listed are for the Kindle versions of the book, as that’s how I accessed each of them. The costs for a hardcover or paperback version may be slightly higher.

If I had purchased all 25 of these books from Amazon, I would have spent $111.26.

Instead, I saved myself a cool hundred bucks, and I made $196.

All things considered, participating in onlinebookclub resulted in total earnings and savings of $307.26. Not too shabby!

2020 Savings By the Book

Looking Ahead to 2021

I like to create goals for myself in all things. That includes reading goals. But before creating my new goal and to ensure it isn’t totally unrealistic, I took time to reflect on my books read for 2020. My total number of books read in 2020 was impacted by several things, including:

  • I submitted my first review in May of 2020
  • My first three reviews were not compensated because I was waiting for the first scored review to be approved
  • Due to competing priorities, I only read 1-2 books per month in the last quarter of the year

That means there is plenty of opportunity to read more great books and make more money by doing so in 2021. My goals for 2021 are to:

  • Remain a level 2 reviewer and look to advance to the higher levels as possible with minimal effort
  • Read an average of 3 books a month for a total of 36 books for the year
  • Make an average of $10 per review for a total of $360 for the year

Do you have reading goals for 2021? Do you plan to use onlinebookclub to help you achieve them? Tell me about it in the comments!

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