Week 11: Quality Over Quantity

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Week 11 Gig Status Overview

I’m finally feeling settled back and into my groove. This week was another good one in terms of job availability, and I believe I may have locked down another potential client for recurring work. I am just now feeling at the point where I’m comfortable saying that I’m a freelancer. It still feels a little strange, but it fits better each week.


As I mentioned last week, I decided to focus more on submitting proposals for content writing jobs. As such, I found a job doing writing for personal finance that seemed like a great fit, and I got it! I can’t express how much it pays off to wait and submit targeted proposals for jobs that are in your niche.

In last week’s “things I learned,” I mentioned following up with existing clients. I did just that with my recurring client for proofreading and was able to get several hours of work as a result. I am enjoying forming relationships with clients and working with them repeatedly. I plan to continue trying to add long-term work to my portfolio of clients. Eventually, I hope to have enough to be able to form a solid 25-35 hour workweek from recurring relationships alone.

I have gone 10 for 40 overall with proposals, which keeps me at a 25% success rate. This past week I submitted one proposal, and since I got it, I was 100% successful. This next week I plan to try to do at least 2-3 targeted proposals for jobs in content writing.

Time invested this week: 22 hours (performing client work, reviewing job postings)


There is no news from Fiverr this week. I took some time to review the pricing of my gigs to make sure I’m not way out of range and decided to leave them as-is. I feel confident in the level of service I provide and am no longer comfortable with offering my services at a low price point in return for reviews. In hindsight, I’m not so sure that was ever a good idea to begin with, but that’s all 20/20 now.

I wish I could use analytics to see if my gigs are getting traction, but that piece of seemingly core functionality to this platform is still out of order.

Time invested this week: 30 minutes (Reviewing existing gig pricing structure)


I published a pretty comprehensive review of my experience with onlinebookclub.org, so check it out here if you haven’t done so yet. This review covers a lot of things that I learned over time, like expectations for payments and how to be successful early on with getting high marks on reviews.

New reviews posted in the past week: Waterworks (74%)

Current reviewer score: 33 (same as last week) still level one

Time invested this week: 5 hours (reading book 10 and writing review)


I updated my availability for the next two weeks, but I’m still not sure how comfortable people are with strangers coming to their home for dog walks. This one might continue to be a bust for a while.

Time invested this week: none

Survey Junkie*

I earned a bit more than usual on Survey Junkie this week due to qualifying for some higher-paid reviews. I’m still averaging cashing out about $5-6 per week or about $25 per month, which isn’t bad for mindless stuff I do while on the phone or when I need a brain break. In case you missed it, check out my full review of Survey Junkie for a more in-depth look at this program.

Time invested this week: 1 hour


We’re adding another one to the mix this week. Since Fiverr hasn’t panned out like I hoped, I decided to check out something that plays to my strengths and might be a bit more steady.

I first came across usertesting.com when I was trolling Pinterest looking for other gig opportunities. This gig alleges payment of $10 for a 20-minute user testing session, which roughly equates to $30 per hour. I recently completed the introduction video to be accepted as a tester, so I’ll have more on this next week.

Time invested this week: 10 minutes

The plan for week 12

  • Submit 3 quality proposals for jobs on Upwork
  • Continue to monitor metrics for Upwork (jobs won/jobs bid) (and Fiverr views/clicks if that ever works again)
  • Spend 20 minutes a day doing surveys for easy, quick money
  • Finish book 11 for onlinebookclub and write review
  • Explore usertesting.com a bit more

The Financial Picture – June 8, 2020

June seems off to a good start and is definitely more consistent than what I experienced in May.

Current week income: $373.83 (Upwork administrative assistant work, Upwork proofreading job, Upwork content writing job, book 10 review, surveys)

Current week expenses: $69.99 (Microsoft Office annual subscription)

Net Operating Costs: $1214.78

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Things I learned this week:

Slow and steady will win the race: I feel very strongly now about quality over quantity. Although I am accumulating clients at a slower rate, I am finding the caliber of those I am picking up is higher and the guarantee of a long-term working relationship is worth a lot.

Find people to follow: While I hope this blog might be a useful resource for someone just stepping into the freelance realm, I have also started to follow several bloggers who have done this before me for insight—some of my favorites: Freelance to Win and Breaking the One Percent. I turn to these blogs for sources of inspiration and motivation to keep going.

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