Week 7: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

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Week 7 Gig Status Overview

I had somewhat of an epiphany this week. I’ve been pouring time and energy into crafting the perfect proposal on Upwork, but I haven’t focused on the passive elements of this site or Fiverr as much as I should. Yes, I want to be the top performer in a sea of applicants, but this whole thing becomes much easier if I have clients knocking at my door. As such, you’ll see below that I spent a bit of time on this over the past week.

In terms of gigs, I contracted with two new clients through Upwork, which is SO EXCITING! I have not yet recognized the fruits of my labor as those contracts are still in progress. It should result in my earnings going up substantially in the next week or two.

Other than that exciting news, I’m still trucking along, working hard and making things happen. It’s so lovely to see the light at the end of the tunnel and to see steady work becoming a possibility. Color me relieved in all aspects.


To make things more passive, this week, I did a complete profile revamp for each of my three jobs on Upwork: QA, Proofreading, and Content Writing. What this does is creates a better opportunity for clients to reach out and “invite” me to apply for their gigs. I realized this was possible when I would look at certain gigs that showed some “Invites sent.” It turns out clients can search for freelancers and offer an invitation to apply for their gig, thus giving them a far better chance at being the applicant selected for the job.

The invite option is used by some clients pretty heavily, so I wanted to be sure that upon a quick search, they would come across a quality profile. Once I get a feel for how these are performing, I’ll do a blog post outlining the changes I made. This article was extremely helpful in getting me started with edits that will help the profile to perform.

As for the jobs I booked, I am doing a trial run as an administrative assistant for one gig, and the other is a contract for ten blog posts with potential for recurring work in the future. Each of these jobs is flexible and offers the potential for recurring work, which aligns precisely with what I’ve been trying to find.

My Job Success Score finally updated yesterday and now accurately reflects 100%! WOOHOO!! While annoying that the score only updates every other week on Sunday, I’m glad I was able to go back and get clients to review after the fact to boost me back up to where my score should rightfully be based on feedback.

I have now gone 8 for 24 overall with proposals, which brings me to a 33% success rate. However, of the submissions I did last week, I went 2 for 4 at a 50% success rate. This stat proves how valuable being selective and taking time on proposals has been to the bottom line. I plan to continue this practice and only submit proposals to jobs that fit my experience, and I know I have a shot at getting.

Time invested this week: 10 hours (performing client work, reviewing job postings, submitting quality proposals, conversing with potential clients)


I added a third gig to Fiverr this week for Proofreading so that now the gigs available on Fiverr correlate directly with my three profiles on Upwork. For this week, I plan to create videos to increase the likelihood of bookings. One of my big goals for May is to receive a request for work through Fiverr.

Sadly, analytics in Fiverr has now been broken for over a week, so I can’t tell how well my newest gig is performing. Hopefully, this issue will get resolved soon so I can verify if the latest gig is gaining any traction.

Time invested this week: 1 hour (adding Proofreading gig)


As I mentioned last week, the book I started to read last Monday was very short.  As such, I was able to finish that one and a second and submit reviews for both.

Current reviewer score: 30 (up one point from last week), still level one

New reviews posted in the past week: Devil Among Us (64% rating as I failed to follow guidelines and mention the type of readers who would like this book. A silly mistake, but I still received the compensation for it.)

Time invested this week: 8 hours (reading books 6 and 7 and writing reviews)


Everyone is still at home and nobody wants me to hang with their pups.

Time invested this week: none

Survey Junkie*

Check out my full review of Survey Junkie for the latest updates.

Time invested this week: 2 hours

The plan for week 8

  • Add videos to Fiverr gigs
  • Complete 10 blog posts and submit for payment for Upwork contract
  • Continue to submit directed, quality proposals on Upwork
  • Continue to monitor metrics for Fiverr (views/clicks) and Upwork (jobs won/jobs bid)
  • Spend 20 minutes a day doing surveys for easy, quick money
  • Read book 8 for onlinebookclub and write review

The Financial Picture – May 11, 2020

Things are slow and steady, moving in the right direction again this week. With the most recent contracts and promises for ongoing work, my financial goal for May is within my grasp. I’m going to keep plugging but am tentatively planning for this to be my last and final sub-$100 week. (I hope I don’t eat those words.)

Current week income: $45.54 (Quick Upwork job, surveys, book reviews)

Current week expenses: $0

Net Operating Costs: -$116.35

Things I learned this week:

Freelance appeals to my competitive nature: I’ve started to look at freelancing as a game. I want to beat the other players to get the jobs. Then I want to get the highest possible score (feedback, job success score) and continue to beat out others to get more, higher-paying gigs. Gamification has helped me immensely to keep moving forward even when I have been down and feeling like I don’t have the skills to get work. Hustling and playing the game is what it’s all about. And I plan to win big.

Project management is a crucial skill in freelance: After booking one of my first larger gigs, ten blog posts, I’ve gone back to the Trello board for assistance with project management. Knowing that I have a set amount of things to do over several weeks means I can chunk out work and plan to complete a bit per day. All while planning to come in well before my deadline. Visualizing the tasks on a Trello board has been amazingly helpful and allows me to match them alongside my other priorities.

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